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Olivia Choate

Well, hello! I'm Olivia Choate.

I'm an actor, musician, and all around fun person. I'm naturally comedic in everyday life due to my animated born-this-way personality and love every single cat on this planet. I was born and raised in Boston, MA, where I tried my best to express my emotions whenever possible... at least monthly back then. In my teenage years, I found that I was expressing myself through art much more than I cared to do anything else. I yearned to get my hands dirty in theatre. So after a long cross country car ride with my handsome cat in an overheating Volvo, I am now located in Los Angeles, CA. 


You can see me in the upcoming HBO series PERRY MASON directed by Tim Van Patten and in the web series WE'RE DOING GOOD directed by Elvira Ibragimova. I enjoy playing the piano, singing along to musicals, and dressing up in awesome Halloween costumes (see Liz Lemon to the left).

Welcome to my website! 

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